Doug Sheehan IT Consulting

Doug Sheehan IT Consulting

I focus my efforts in four areas. Electronics, Computers, Communications Systems, and Code.

I enjoy programming using Assembly, Python, Java, C, and some Bash scripting.

I work on telecommunications, computer networks, electronics, and embedded applications.

I am an electronics technician.

There are Builders and Fixers, Designers, and Operators. If I were one those guys, what would I be? Builders and Fixers

Dougs subnet cheater

a way to calculate subnets, with the help of a certain Princess Bride villan

Dougs Mnemonic for TCP and UDP ports

Dougs Recommendations for Quick and Easy Wins for Router and Switch Happiness

how to set up a python ftp server for updating router images

Dougs IPv6 top-level page

(Work-In-Progress) AAA New Model example

(Work-In-Progress) IPSec stuff

Vi is Good For Beginners

Doug's Programming Page

This site is in the process of being updated to HTML5

The front door is going to suffer for the time being.

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